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Carles Barraza

Carles Barraza

We offer legal services geared to well protected assets for offshore business

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Full Description

Carles-Barraza Law Firm is a general law practice in Panama with more than 20 years experience serving local and international clients. The keynote strengths of this firm are the quality of service provided, confidentiality, integrity, all contributing to a high level of client satisfaction.
Our orientation is to long-term relationships with clients providing, at all times, a flexible yet highly specialized personal service.
Panama is a progressive country with an international banking centre, successful insurance companies, call centres, 2nd largest free zone after Hong Kong, with good educational institutions, a diversity of cultures, interesting ecology and an expanding tourist industry geared to the high end.
We offer legal services geared to well protected assets for offshore business in both Panama and other countries. Panama has progressive and unique legal instruments to facilitate this.
Application for work performed on our Web site are logged on our high servers secure 256-bit encryption (SSL) located in our main branch city. You can contact us if you require more information.
Carles-Barraza Law Firm knows its customers and understands that confidentiality is a priority for them. On this basis, the entire communications infrastructure and data centers are physically established in Panama, through this mechanism the data exchange and information are fully safeguarded in absolute privacy.
Carles-Barraza Law Firm works on your benefit!!!



Telephone Number:

+507 340 6917