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More than 30 years of experience in legal practice in Panama.

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Full Description

Mata & Pitti is a Law Firm that was established in the Republic of Panama since 1984, with the goal of bringing the international community a full range of offshore legal services. Our experienced attorneys can offer quality assistance for your business no matter where you are located.

Our Law Firm is dedicated to serving our clients with efficiency, excellence, and integrity. We place a great emphasis on giving personalized attention to each of our clients, and we only consider Our job complete when a client is fully satisfied by the services we have rendered.


Panama Offshore Companies Incorporations:
International Business Companies (IBC) are offshore companies that are most commonly used for offshore banking to conduct international trade, investment activities, by professionals and for asset protection. Panama Offshore companies can be involved in buying and selling goods and services, hold bank accounts and operate businesses. Panama IBC’s are also commonly used for the ownership of real property and land; for ownership of intellectual property, licensing and franchising; personal services by individuals working overseas and offshore e-business among other things. Our Firm can assist you with the process of incorporating the company in Panama and provide legal assistance for its management and maintenance.

Panama Private Interest Foundation Incorporations (PIF):
Private Interest Foundations are highly used for estate planning and asset protection purposes worldwide. In terms of the legal structure, a Panama PIF lies somewhere between an offshore company and an offshore trust. Functionally, an offshore foundation differs from an offshore company in that it is not allowed to engage in commercial business activities. Our attorneys can guide you through the process of creating a Panama Private Interest Foundation, its management and the preparation of the Regulations appointing the beneficiaries.

Offshore Banking and Panama Bank Introduction Services:
We provide guidance and assistance to Corporations and Foundations that have been incorporated by our Firm in order to open bank accounts in Panama or in third Jurisdictions. Our Firm does not get involved directly in bank accounts openings, however, we can refer some high banks in Panama and abroad and also assist the client in fulfilling the bank requirements.


Ships and Vessels Registrations Services in Panama:
Considerable advantages such as friendly registration process, top quality systems, maritime security, tax exemptions and competitive costs make Panama the leading jurisdiction for merchant marine registrations worldwide. Contact us for registering your ship in Panama.

Panama Pleasure Vessels and Yachts Registrations:
Straightforward registration procedure, a flat registration fee regardless of the size of the yacht and affordable costs make Panama one of the leading jurisdictions for yachts and pleasure vessels registrations.

Panama Maritime and Admiralty Law:
Due to its key position, Panama is a necessary route for hundreds of vessels of all classes. The Maritime Court of the Republic of Panama has shown to be a convenient judicial forum for plaintiffs to the international maritime community in order to institute judicial proceedings to enforce their claims through the seizure and arrest of vessels. Our Firm has a vast experience in Maritime Law and is able to make your claim succeed.


Panama Trademark Registrations Services:
Due to its privileged geographical position Panama has become a strategic center for registration of trademarks.


Legal Assistance for Obtaining a Panama Residency:
In order to promote investment and tourism in the country, the Panama government has created selected visa programs of special benefits for foreign residents and retirees planning to obtain temporary or permanent residency, and in some cases citizenship and Panama passports.

Retiring or Relocating in Panama:
Panama legal services and assistance with all the procedures related to moving, retiring, and relocating in Panama.



Ricardo Arias Street, Advanced Tower, 1 Floor Panama City, Republic of Panama PO Box: 0823-01310, Republic of Panama

Telephone Number:

+ 507 264-5931