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Overseas Management Company

Overseas Management Company

Established in 1955.

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Full Description

Established in 1955 and headquartered in Panama, Overseas Management Company has grown into a solid multinational company that provides world class corporate solutions from its global network of offices.

OMC can offer clients more than 58 years of experience as an international management company and provide valuable services in many areas of international business. Our culture is built on the importance of providing high quality customer service, ensuring a fast, friendly and efficient response to our clients’ needs. We provide a wide variety of corporate services including: Global Incorporations, Private Interest Foundations, Trusts and Managed Structures, as well as an array of legal services. As value added to the companies we incorporate and the structures we manage, we offer Accounting and Administrative Services, and Virtual Office Packages.

Some of the advantages of working with OMC include:

  • Worldwide presence in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia that guarantees round-the-clock assistance
  • Capacity to provide customized solutions to achieve our clients’ goals
  • Wide selection of jurisdictions to fit our clients’ needs
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Quick response to a client’s inquiries

Our dedicated staff encompasses a group of highly qualified professionals, guaranteeing you competent and effective results. The continued success of OMC is reflected in our commitment to serve our clients as top priority and attend to their specific instructions and requirements. OMC prides itself upon the service it provides; we believe in ensuring distinguished solutions while guaranteeing value for money.



Delta Tower, 8th Floor, Elvira Mendez St. & Via España #122, Panama, City of Panama

Telephone Number:

507) 205-7900