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Our mission is to add value to our customers

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In 1959, Quijano & Associates was established in the Republic of Panama in order to serve a worldwide clientele requiring advice and assistance in maritime and offshore matters. Two years later, this desire to serve our clients led to us becoming the first-ever Panamanian law firm to have a European office when we opened for business in Switzerland.

Today, Quijano & Associates is a truly international law firm, having additional offices in the United Kingdom, Belize, Seychelles and the British Virgin Islands and close associations with premier firms all around the world. We remain at the forefront of maritime and corporate legal practice, but have increased our expertise to encompass a diverse range of other areas. We continue to enhance the quality of our service by actively listening to each of our clients, keeping fully abreast of global business developments and constantly seeking ways to incorporate the latest technology.


Our mission is to add value to our customers, partners and employees, by integrating superior service in our legal management processes, within a framework of respect, personal attention, professionalism, trust and ethics, which is supported in the best human talent, as a guarantee of success in the establishment and continuity of business relationships nationally and internationally.


To continuously improve our professional relationship with our worldwide clientele and continue being perceived as a modern, reliable and well-recognized organization for our high level of performance, efficiency and effectiveness; while incorporating the latest technology, quality assurance processes and the best human talent in our industry.






Salduba Building, Third Floor, 53rd East Street, Marbella, Panama City, Republic of Panama PO Box: 0816-02884

Telephone Number:

+507 269 2641